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hello, I’m cherry! mainly give recommendations of shoujo mangas here, but occasionally translates too (not that often though).

I recommend shoujo mangas that I enjoyed and have good quality graphics (usually). I’m striving to make an ideal website of recommendations (the website that I want to find, but since I can’t find any, I decided to make it myself… a website full of recommendations with good graphic shoujo manga).

also, as I stated above, I translated shoujo mangas and light novels that make me interested ocassionaly.

mainly, I uses MTL to translate. I have a little basic understanding of Japanese, but I’m not even in N5 grade, well… I’m still studying in N5 grade right at this moment, it’s very hard indeed, but I’m trying my best!! And I’m glad that my translation could help others even if it’s just a little.

I would be happy if you‘re happy with my translation. take a note that my translation Isn’t one hundred percent accurate. and if you’re unsatisfied, please stop reading my translation.

I’m C1 in English, but I do make mistakes in my grammar structure and tenses… and a lot of it… so I’m terribly sorry for my translations.

Also, yes, my native language is Bahasa Indonesia. but I could speak a little bit of chinese (HSK-3). and N5 in Japanese and A1 in German. I could also speak basic french (very little). I love languages and strive to be someone who could talk well in different languages.

sincerely, the potato girl,