Act 12: At the Fief (Middle) / part 2

tbh when I picked up this project, I was under the impression that the past translators (four websites) have gained the author’s permission, since it’s already ten chapters plus four websites translate this series (adding this website equals five).

....but now I got wary.

btw, as usual, no guarantee 100% correct translation. if you’re unsatisfied, please stop reading. polite corrections are deeply appreciated.

I wonder if it’s okay to ask for someone to be my editor since… rip my english grammar ;-;

Act 12

At the Fief (Middle)

—part 2—

It was the next morning.

Today, Cordelia accompanied her father that went to visit the river construction in Kaina village. Although Cordelia was fidgeting and wondering when to say it, eventually she made up her mind and told her intention.

“Father, one thing, I want to bet about something.”

“What is it?”

“For everyone in Kaina village, I would like them to remember letters and calculations. Please give me investment on that matter.”

Looking at her father straight, Cordelia declared.

Her father’s eyes were sharp, and in the negotiating field, it’ll become more than usual. Cordelia had seen it before. That was why, she won’t hesitate, Cordelia faced straight ahead.

“First. Is there something in return?”

“I am planning to earn money with herbs in the future. In the process, not only money, but I think that information will also be obtained. This power, will surely be able to help otou-sama.”

“Medical herbs, huh. I heard the report from Ronnie. It seems that you’re thinking a lot to make your business run smoothly.”

Somehow Cordelia was aware that Ronnie was reporting to Elvis.

Elvis urged Cordelia to continue, “And the method you’re going to use is?”

“It not going to be everyday. Once in several days, I will open a school in the form of hiring one child of each farmer’s house.”¹

Hiring, huh. Do you think they will agree with agriculture as their living?”

“How about the price for hiring will be baked breads made by the capital’s best craftmans?”


Yes, she noticed while eating the bread yesterday.

“Bread made with the best wheat by the best craftsmen in the capital. We’ll provide it for their families, in that case, that would be acceptable. In Kaina village, I heard that they bake bread on each house. The trouble of time and effort to bake the bread and letting their child go to study for a short time—I don’t think there’s a big difference. ”

In addition, the impression after they eat the bread, if they’re convinced that they’re cooperating to make the best bread—that way, Cordelia thought that they’ll also cooperate.

“Why does Cordelia want them to memorize letters and calculations?”

“For letters …… First of all, it is for reading contracts and books. The contract will be necessary for the wheat contract. For books, it’s to incorporate new farming methods from others. It’s not necessary to actually adopt it, but knowledge is important. Perhaps, they can find the knowledge they want. ”

“… For the calculation, is it to correct the price of the wheat to the regular price?”


Gently cast down his eyes, Elvis looked straight back on Cordelia.

“Depending on the negotiation, it’ll be settled in detail. However, there is one problem.”

“What is it?”

“That you’re a child.”

Hearing that word, Cordelia inhaled sharply.

“The idea isn’t bad, but I’m too old to get on the negotiation table.”

That was what she aware of.

To get into the negotiation table, her age wasn’t enough. It looked like she played too much. No matter how serious she talked, it’ll take too long to solve her opponent’s vigilance.

“Let’s suggest it. If I negotiate with the village chief, they may realize it early. However, it’ll not be your achievement.”

Cordelia and Elvis’s line of sight intersect, and that proposal won’t make Cordelia lose anything.

“I don’t want my achievement.”

“I see. However, I also don’t want a child’s achievement.”

With those words, Elvis went towards Cordelia, quietly said:²

“Try to not discard your achievement so easily, but I will invest in you. However, when you pay off my loan, you’ll tell the truth to the villagers. How about that?”

“Eh, um, I… nothing.”

“Then it’s decided. ….The time will be good when the harvest is over. So find a talent to become a teacher by then. What do you think about a breadmaker?”


To be told so suddenly, Cordelia was perplexed with her father’s treatment.

And it’s still at the stage of proposal, I thought to think more after it got accepted….

“…… There is an apprentice aiming at baking craftsmen in the kitchen of the royal residence.”


“If he won a few prizes, he have won. In the future, he’ll become the best craftworker at the capital. “³

Let’s go, Elvis told Cordelia.

And then, he step down the carriage first. Cordelia hurriedly follow him.

Otou-sama, that is… a fraud.”

“I won’t say that it’s a lie. The person himself said that in the future he’ll become the best craftsman in the capital.”

Looking at Elvis who seemed to be totally moved, Cordelia shrugged her shoulders.

(…. Otou-sama, it seems like you’ve getting calmer compared to the past.)

Is that merely in my mind? I don’t know.

However, Cordelia was very happy for her one proposal to be accepted, then further goal—I had to start finding teachers. The feelings become stronger when she saw her father talking about the design of irrigation facility, was explaining without letters and merely drawings.

act 12; end.

¹: hiring here I think means like “giving breads (money)” in exchange of “study (work)”. I searched for the kanji meaning, but it’s really work-related or employment.

²: actually… it’s “hitokoto” or “one word” but I got confused while translating the sentence and thus this is the result.

³: I uses “he” but I’ll change it if it turns out to be a “she“. and I got wary whether it’s “you” or “he“. but after translating until the end, I think that it’s “he“. please correct me if I’m wrong.

polite corrections are deeply appreciated since I’m quite sure there’re some problems here and there…

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    1. actually, the past translator haven’t dropped it ^^ I’m merely “picking up” this novel for temporary until she updated the new chaps ;3

  1. I’m not sure I really understand what she is suggesting… she wants to hire apprentices? I don’t understand… if there is a trade for these kids to learn that will earn money its a given, right? but it seems handing down family business practices is the norm, which makes her suggestion pointless… usually with apprenticeships you are intending to follow this path to make money as a trade… but in this case its as though she is just hiring workers to help the chefs from the city to create an amazing bread… but how does that solve the issue of illiteracy?

    This confuses me greatly, why would there be generations of this kind of illiteracy?… money is a trade item, why on earth would they be deliberately stupid about knowledge of basic math… it makes no sense, generations of gullibility? how? how is that even possible? when they realize they were deceived did they just take that as a loss and hope the next trader will be more honest? just what kind of logic is that?

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