Act 11: At the Fief (Beginning) / part 3

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act 11

At the Fief: Beginning

—part 3—

After leaving the store, they looked around the bazaar for a while.

It seemed that people will know immediately that it was the daughter of Pameradia, and voices could be heard from different places. ¹

I will keep it cheap! Jewel and precious metals were recommended, and Aisha, as the guardian around, “She have enough as is it, and she still not in the age to have a lot yet.” It was turned down flatly.

Instead, Cordelia was interested in the handy paper knife. It seemed to use the Taren tree—one of the special trees in Pameradia—which is also used for luxurious furnitures.

Ojou-sama, are you interested in paper knife?”

“Eh?? Yeah.”

Answering the shopkeeper’s question, Cordelia smiled gently. ²

The shop owner seemed to be happy and said, “You have good eye for things.”

“When it comes to cutting a piece of paper, it doesn’t lose to any other metal, and it’s comfortable to use. Please look at it. It’s light and scratch-resistant. It’s a recommended gem.”

Cordelia took the paper knife that was given as she said, and was amazed by its comfortableness.

“Since it’s also possible to put names, people will be pleased for it to be souvenirs.”

“Then … could you give me two of this … How many letters could you enter?”

“The number of characters? If it’s not long, I’ll need a short sentence.”

“Then, for one, could you write “Thank you as always, Gill-sama“?”³

As a souvenir to take back to the partner who constantly exchanging letters, paper knife seemed to be the best option.

When I asked my father for advice, I couldn’t get a good answer.

Then the shopkeeper, “Is Gill-sama ojou-sama‘s knight?” Joking a little, she started to work by knocking it lightly—and the digged character were very polite letters, which is hard to imagine from such a cheerful shopkeeper.

(… I can’t imagine Verno-sama writes a letter, so let’s just buy sweets for Verno-sama and return.)

It’s not discrimination, but he is a dumpling more than a flower.⁴ As she thought so, she found a mug of wood that seemed to be comfortable to drink and decided to buy it. It was a result of judging that it was dangerous to bring food back when she didn’t know when to meet later, since the way home took about three and a half days.

Even with three large and small paper bags, Cordelia’s eyes still wandered.

Children held by their parents eating fried food from the stalls, housewife who buys meat processed goods for dinner, adults who have suspicious airs between their interaction. Cordelia looked at the vibrant market, and inevitably, her heart flipped.

This was her first crowd in this world.

“Cordelia-sama, let’s go back soon today, the sun hasn’t set yet, but it’ll set soon.”

“Eh? Oh. Right.”

“Fufu, it’s alright, we’ll come here again.”

It seems that Aisha knew that she still want to be here.

Although Cordelia was a little embarrassed, she turned her feet toward the mansion.

At that time, she heard a child’s voice.

“Hey, I don’t feel calm, there is no wind of wheat like in the village.”

But, the wheat of the village is making delicious bread here. After all wheat is amazing~”

Yes, listening to the children voice who were the boys and girls in Kaina village, Cordelia cast down her eyes lightly.

(At first, this maybe just a game.)

—Thinking so, she looked straight ahead.

★ act 11; end.

¹: supposed to be “from here and there” but it’s better to use the phrase “from different places” I think…

²: this sentence, I altered it a bit. I think it was supposed to be “talking” (hanashi) and not “answering” but I decided to put “answering” instead due to the previous dialogues.

³: “gill-sama, itsumo arigatou gozaimasu“. I wonder if it’s better to put “thank you very much gill-sama” or like above, “thank you as always, gill-sama“.

⁴: this is an idiom in japanese, preferring dango (which are tasty and nutritious) rather than flowers (which are merely decorative).

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