Interlude (Continuance) – Pameradia’s Analysis Magician / part one

probably only seventy to ninety percent correct since I’m mainly using MTL, me myself have only basic grab of japanese knowledge in grammar and vocabs.

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This is a story about Ronnie working in Pameradia.

interlude (continuance)

Pameradia’s Analysis Magician

part one

Two years have passed since I got a job at the prestigious Pameradia family.

I, Ronnie Ellis, is a subordinate of Cordelia ojou-sama. How did it become like this? I thought about that, but it’s not like I dislike this position. If only ojou-sama didn’t give me work, I won’t be able to escape the analysis building, which is the den of female magicians, even though it’s my private laboratory (it’s how it should be, but when you noticed, it had been made into their second home). Am I really alright with this? It’s not like I could ward any of them off.

Every magician onee-sama is beautiful and generally, the tension will rise, although what troubles me the most is the treatment. Love at first sight was zero. I was made to realized it in five seconds. By the way, there are currently six magicians in Pameradia. Besides myself, there is only one adult man who is the deputy manager, other else is older sisters. Even, at the age which can be said that it is old, it’s also called an “older sister“.

When my employment was decided, they seemed to be very disappointed. It would be good if the junior was a girl! “If it was a girl, she would be cute and we could eat cake together!” How troublesome.

“Buy me a cake, but buy your part by yourself, I won’t treat you.” And thus I was used for an errand boy which is very different from what I thought. I also want to be born into a woman. If possible, I also want a junior soon, and a male would be good. If it’s a girl, it’ll be a “continue” errand girl. If it’s a boy, then the errand would be divided into halves, I bet that’s what a boy junior would think.

Ah, of course it’s not only because I can get away from older sisters’ side is the reason why I am pleased by ojou-sama giving me works.

The work given by ojou-sama is easy to understand. “Do that“, “Do this“, and so on. There’s no such a thing as “conviction“. Well, it maybe because ojou-sama herself is doing an experiment that I can’t guess.

However, three years ago, I don’t think I can imagine in being the assistant position of ojou-sama, or even serve the Pameradia house in the first place.

I’m a magician whose graduated from National Magic Academy. Although neither weak nor strong, my speciality is magic analysis.

According to the results of grades within my studying period, the overall evaluation has a good record with the third seat. [1]

Excellent isn’t it? My parents house is a merchant house in a port town in the south of the kingdom, and I’m the third son. However, contrary to my parents’ business, I had no sense of bargain at all. I was about fourteen years old when I noticed that. My parents and older brothers went, “What? But there aren’t any future other than this business.” Probably that’s when you think when being depended for business from a young age, except for me, I think that there was no business talent at all.

In the first place, I never thought that I would like to work as a merchant, so when I realized that I don’t have the talent, I went, “Let’s go to the capital.”

I thought so because of the vague reason that something interesting might happen because it seems lively there. But if that happens, I need a reason to tell my parents—so what I came up with was the entrance to the Magic academy. Originally I seemed to have mutation type magical power, which means that I have more magical power than normal person. That’s why I was called often to move large tools at my house with magic. At that time, I noticed and finally said, “There’s enough magical power for me to be a magician, isn’t it?” My parents who were worried about my future applauded me for my words, “I will take an entrance exam for Magic Academy.”

Magic Academy is a military magicians training school.

Tuition and living expenses are basically free in two years. In the first six months, you’ll consolidate basic magic, then for the remaining one and a half year, you’ll improve your field of expertise. Then after graduation, you’ll need to work for over ten years at military magician unit. If you work less than ten years in the military magician unit, it’ll be necessary to pay the school’s tuition fee.

I can’t cure incurable diseases, though.

By the way, the magician is getting high salaries accordingly, which is equivalent to the school’s tuition fee for ten years. It’s really high. However if you get a bonus, the eyes of the supervisor seems to be expecting expectation for a lifetime.

—this is hard.

Well, if you don’t do that, the army might be troubling too.

But normally, people understand it and enrolling because of it, so there are actually no one who think that it’s hard like me. Huh? That’s right, I wasn’t normal. It was after admission that I understand about it.

I passed the enterance exam without knowing anything except that it’s free! So I was very surprised when I learned that the majority of the students at the school were noble. If you think about it carefully, because magic power and quality is passed through genetic, it was obvious that nobles have high magical power. That’s why I who grew up between common people, immediately was isolated. I also become famous. I don’t know the rules of the nobles, so I couldn’t quite understand what caused the isolation–

Fortunately, they never bullied me from the front (there was time where I would cough on purpose). I also didn’t have to worry because the lesson is fun. Though it’s a school that has restrictions on going out like a dormitory system, which was hard and have many limitations for me. [2]

That’s why when I realized that I was supposed to be enlisted in the military in two years at last, I got impatient. Such a tight life for ten years! … I can’t accept it. What does it mean to come to the capital to search for motivation!

And so, the me who thought that way, seriously asked my instructor wheter there’s a legitimate way to avoid it.

Though, usually, if there was such a thing, it will results in the initial system collapsing, but there was, which also supposed to be a natural knowledge here. [3]

“If you really don’t want to go to the army, you just have to choose the way to serve aristocracy.”

And so, my instructor in charge lowered his eyebrow and told me.

[1]: 同期の成績 in google translate means “synchronization result” but I find it weird. so I searched and since 成績 means performance—possibly grades—I decided to look at 同期 and it also means as “certain period“. so I concluded that it this way. correct me if I’m wrong please. for the “third seat“, it’s really using “seki” as in seat. I don’t know if it have other meaning, but I searched it and only find that “seki” means “seat“. but probably “third seat” here means the “third ranking“, though.

[2]: actually the translation stated “it was a hard and … school for me“. the … part is supposed to be cramped (don’t find a word better than this) but since it’s not really representing the meaning I got, I change the sentence format a little.

[3]: the translation said “in the neighborhood“. but I don’t really know and ‘neighborhood’ is a little vague I think, and I think this is referring to the “nobility enviroment“. so, I decided to put “here” instead. If you’re uncomfortable and have better alternative please tell me.

polite corrections are welcome.

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  1. thank you so much for picking this up and translating!! thank you for your hard work and constant updates T.T I’m crying tears of joy <3

    Ronnie is so interesting. I love that we get to hear about his side of the story a bit

    1. you’re welcome xD glad to hear that you enjoyed it >w< yeah, Ronnie is a unique character for me too since he's not really described as an ikemen (lol). usually in this kind of story, almost every boy is an ikemen---- uwuwuw

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