Act 11: At the Fief (Beginning) / part 2

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act 11

At the Fief: Beginning

—part two—

Lunch was the main bouquet which can be said to be the special product in the fief. Vegetables are fresh, and it was hard to tell why it tasted better than the one in the kingdom. Was it because of the tiredness of travelling or was it purely because it was delicious? But Cordelia will stay for a week here, thus the answer will surely be immediately apparent, was what she thought as she looked forward to the next meal.

From the afternoon, Elvis was staying in the office, and so, Cordelia was with Aisha… inside the private room used by Cordelia. While enjoying tea after the meal, Cordelia asked Aisha several questions.

“Where are places onee-sama usually visit in the fief?”

“Mostly, I’m staying in this town, but occasionally, I’ll go to Kaina village, called ‘North Village of Wheat’ on my father’s errand. The wheat, which is harvested there, is presented to the royal family as one of the most excellent products in the country.”

Although it was supposed to be the use of the chief, it wasn’t what Cordelia’s father’s use.

Again, Cordelia asked Aisha who answered her in a relaxed manner. I don’t remember the name of Kaina village, but I think it was one of the local villages that I talked with father.

“On the other hand, is there times where Kaina villagers come to visit the town?”

“Yeah, there are times when we were at the time of delivery. At that time, some people will bring their children, and I’ll read them picture books.”

Today too, she was late for that, and Aisha, despite being done the wrong thing, seemed to have no regrets. However, she looked really troubled. Aisha continued.

“I love books, so it was a lot of fun to read it for the children… but truthfully, it would be better if they’re able to read by themselves…”

“Is that a difficult thing?”

“They are clever, so if I have the time… I think they will remember quickly.” (t/n: I think she was referring to time for teaching the children)

The words that hid behind that down-looking eyes, is certainly the same as Elvis’s words inside the carriage…

“It would be nice if people could read.”

“To put it briefly, that’s right… it’s difficult, it’s saddening. When it’s said to be our sense of values, I have no more words to argue, either.”

The sky seemed to be heavy due to Aisha’s words. Cordelia was searching for a change of topic. Ah, I’ve found it. I couldn’t do it back at home, now I remembered why I come here.

Onee-sama, would you please show me around the city?”


“I’m glad. I haven’t had much time going out in the fief. I’m looking forward it.”

Elvis said it was an inspection, she also said she was a guide. So it was possible here to get out of the mansion—and right, Aisha approved the proposal easily.

“What do you want to see, Cordelia-sama?”

“I want to buy a souvenir for my friend… well, there’s that, but I would like to see people’s life more than anything.”

“Then, let’s go to the market together. Don’t worry, there’s no one would harm Pameradian here, so rest assured.”

Contrary to Aisha’s gloomy appearance before, she seemed to be enjoying herself now.

Cordelia tilted her head. “How come?”

Aisha smiled and laughed.

“Paramedian are more popular than the royal family here, so if someone is going to hurt you, they’ll be stabbed by inhabitants for the attempt of making harm.”

Cordelia, which was originally wearing a traveling dress today, was in a state where she could walk outside as it was.

Aisha was also dressed as she came back from outside, so they decided to leave the mansion as soon as they decided to go. Aisha seemed to be walking around a while, she went to a garden with a thin back alley. It was a short cut; also her movement looks like a little kitten.

“Do you have any food that you don’t like, Cordelia-sama?”

“Food? No… Nothing in particular…”

“Then, let’s get going.”

It indeed a bad idea to try foods from various restaurants, so Aisha decided to guided Cordelia to the perfect store. The store was in line, but as soon as they saw Cordelia, the line opened quickly and she reach the very front in no time.

It’s the lady of Paramedia.”

She’s the younger lady, isn’t she? As expected, she’s beautiful.”

Hearing such comments, Cordelia was a little embarrassed. Although she was aware that she is a beautiful girl, it was the first time that she could hear people comment directly. It was somewhat embarrassing. However, Cordelia need to keep her composure.

(…the future is much bigger than this—such as ball, this much is still the beginning…)

She finally realized that she should had feel that way.

Being opened the way too naturally, Cordelia was quickly guided to her seat. But was this situation good? Wasn’t this seemed like she was misusing her power? Cordelia was hesitant to line up this way. But when she consulted about it with Aisha, she laughed. “It’s alright, it’s everyone’s kindness, and I think you can’t slowly eat or drink if your Princess is waiting in the first place.”

Sounding like a teacher of manners, Aisha continued: “So from here onwards, it’s fine.”

In the meantime, Aisha was finishing the orders. Soon, it was carried to Cordelia. Freshly baked scones, jams that a little burnt, and tea.

“Oh, it looks delicious.”

Cordelia said without thinking.

“Here, it’s a scone made from the flour of Kaina village I was talking about before.”

“It looks delicious isn’t it?”

“It’s really tasty, let’s eat it.”

Originally, Cordelia wasn’t really fond of scones.

But the moment she put it in her mouth, she noticed that it tastes different from the usual. So this is the first rank wheat of the country.

“Really… delicious.”

“A certain amount of wheat in the Kaina village has been bought up by the country. In addition, the Pameradia family has also bought quite a bit and used it for export and import business. I have to think much about it, so I bought the extras, in case of emergency.”

As Aisha spread the jam, Cordelia also do the same.

“But … there is a problem for the parts sold elsewhere. If you purchase directly at an appropriate price like this store, it would be fine. However, they can’t do calculation, and my little brother who buying it by lowering the big price saying that he can not read the letter will ruin Kaina village.”

Cordelia’s movement stopped.

“Some of them can do calculations, but they’re never good at multiplying. Even though it seems like they’re selling overwhelming wheat and used seeing a lot of money, there were in fact cases that it were bought at a cheaper price.”

“Is that… Is that true?”

“Yes. I noticed it during the errands when I went into the Kaina village. They acknowledge it written, but when I said the price, they said that the price is inappropriate.” (t/n: this is my conclusion, I can’t seem to really translate the words correctly, sorry).

Aisha seemed to be somewhat saddened, it seemed that thing about Kina village is still hanging.

“Learning to memorize letters and calculation is though, there are cultures without letters too, but I think that they should receive education in order to prevent them from being deceived.”

Ah… that’s why Aisha is reading stories…

Cordelia felt that way. Although it may be troublesome sometimes, as usual, it seems that she want them to be interested in letters. However, it won’t be easy move from the good condition, though. To make things happen, we need great power in addition to judgment. It wasn’t her own power, but Cordelia has a big back shield.

“This scone is really delicious.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“After all, firm cost is necessary for respectable crops, isn’t it?”

I know that I’m not alone in my own power, but father was also concerned if the situation doesn’t change. Judgment—if there is it, it’ll be possible. Cordelia thought.

“Aisha onee-sama, I also thought about that. It isn’t just Kaina village, but other villages too… I want to try rising the literacy rate in the territory, so that everyone’s intention will be communicated more.”

It is possible to change it. I’ll do it. Yes, Cordelia had a strong gaze and saw Aisha’s eyes straight. Aisha’s breath hitched. Is this really the eyes of a child?

“Me too, please tell me if there’s something I could help with. Although it won’t be much, the thought that I want to do something is genuine.”

“Well, If onee-sama wasn’t here, I won’t end up with a ‘delicious scone‘.”

Joking a little, Cordelia and Aisha laughed at the same time.

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