Act 11: At the Fief (Beginning) / part 1

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act 11

At the Fief: Beginning

—part one—

It was a journey for about three and a half days in the carriage from the capital.

Under being shaken with the current situation, it was decided for Cordelia to receive economic lectures from Elvis (mainly about the situation in Pameradia region).

Apparently, the disparity in the fief her older brother handled before is bigger than she thought, and the biggest problem is that people living in mountains and people in the land famous for wheat cultivation, have problems in their present lives that she didn’t realize.

“People can’t recognize growth unless they have dissatisfaction. They didn’t notice the standard of living in the fief, they feel satisfied and economic growth is unnecessary.”

“That is… but, won’t you want to improve the village if you look at the city?”

“They have pride in themselves.The pride that mountain people are able to make forest that can’t be made by people in town. Pride to be able to grow trees. There is also pride in farming that people in the city can’t produce such crops.”

Therefore, they’re uninterested to memorize letters. It’s a waste of time for them. Although I think that it’ll be good if the village chief and the villagers are able to read, though. Cordelia chocked at her father’s continuance.

(…Certainly, it’s difficult to do what you think is unnecessary…)

You can force them, but then they’ll complain. It would be better to show that there was profit even if they were dissatisfied, but what they wanted—was something that Cordelia couldn’t come up with quickly.

“I believe that there’s something I must do first rather than burn my hand to the person who doesn’t want it. For example, the maintenance of rivers and wells in cultivated areas, so that the citizen will be pleased.”

While watching the scenery outside the window, Elvis continued. “I’m sure they’ll live well on that day, but it won’t be easy.”

While looking at her father’s face, Cordelia suddenly noticed.

(Father doesn’t intend to leave Pameradia… but his hand won’t return.)

Rule in the kingdom while striving for national affairs was that one part of a body was cut down (t/n: it could also be said “was missing but I don’t know which one is correct).

(If I don’t become father’s strength…

Unlike my older brother and sisters, I only have my research.

And thus, Cordelia decided to find the hint on this visit—or so she hoped.

Pameradia’s main building was much wider than the royal residence.

A garden in which flowers bloom surrounding the white mansion with huge trees, and the number of servants who hurriedly welcome the Lord’s return were different. At the end of the line, there was a man in the same age of Elvis was standing in front of the mansion. As soon as he saw Elvis, he bowed deeply.

”Welcome back, Elvis-sama, and nice to meet you, Cordelia-sama, I’m Sieg Garagattha, I’m entrusted by Elvis to manage the fief.”

“Leave the formal greeting, Sieg.”

Elvis, who said in a very disgusting voice, was apparently in a term as good as Marquis Franteheim with him.

“Cordelia Ena Pameradia.” Cordelia also bowed deeply beside her father.

“Sieg was my subordinate when I belonged to the Knights. He is acting on behalf of my absence now.”

“Even if we say acting, head captain… no, Earl, I’m just doing what you commended. Thanks to it, I didn’t get lost in the streets, my daughter is also relieved.”

A little shy, Sieg said to had gain a ‘Shisaku‘ rank for his identity.

Shisaku is one of a noble generation’s name. In other words, he wasn’t originally an aristocrat. However, he has some achievement at the time of his retirement. Cordelia thought that his achievement is probably related to his left foot. He held a cane on the left hand and was hiding his left foot, like her father who received an “injury of honor”.

Although the priest gave pension at the time of retirement, he won’t be given a territory. In other words, he had to find his next job. Cordelia speculated that her father invited Sieg at that time.

“I’m ready for lunch. As usual, I have also prepared yours as well.”

“Ah, come to think of it, what is Aisha doing?”

“As usual, she’s reading stories for the street kids. I think she’ll back soon.”

Even though I already said for her to return before Danna-sama’s arrival… Smiling wryly, Sieg seemed to had imagined that she’ll probably won’t be in time.

It was at that time…

“Ah, it looks like she had come back.”

Following Sieg’s line of sight, Cordelia looked back. There was a cute girl with brown hair and amber eyes watching around the gate.

“You’re late, Aisha.”


With a moderate departure, the girl rushed to Sieg and immediately apologize deeply to Elvis, but Elvis didn’t seem particularly concerned.

“Let’s eat before the lunch get cold.”

After he said that, he entered the mansion.

He didn’t seem to be angry, instead, it was something usual.

While walking, Cordelia was one-tempo late in keeping up with Elvis. So, she looked up to Aisha and bowed.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Cordelia.”

When Cordelia spoke, Aisha let out a small: “Wow… cute…” Then she said, “My name is Aisha Gragatta. While I’m here, I’ll be the one serve as a guide for Cordelia-sama.”

Cordelia listened and again, saw Aisha from the front. Round eyes with white skin. At one moment, she just looked like a doll; and Cordelia couldn’t help but wanted to request something from her.


“Just Aisha is fine, Cordelia-sama.”

“Um… could I call you onee-sama?”

Cordelia also has an older sister. However, there were only a few chances to meet her older sister who got married soon. Therefore, seeing that Aisha was probably around fifteen years old, she hoped that it’ll be all right.

Aisha’s eyes widened.

“Well, I don’t mind…but Cordelia-sama, don’t you have a lovely sister?”

”But while I’m here, I would like to call Aisha-sama by onee-sama. I’m still need to learn much, and I would like onee-sama to teach me a lot of things… is what I think.”

Aisha’s face turned red. “I don’t know if it’s alright, but I have no problem in Cordelia-sama calling me that.”

“Then, let’s get along, onee-sama.

“…I got nervous.”

Laughing shyly, she urged Cordelia: “Come on, your meals will be cold.”

As expected, Cordelia felt like she was a person like an older sister.

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